Hey you! πŸ‘‹

My name is Sofia! I'm a PhD Student in Software Engineering and Security. I'm studying static analysis optimization to boost security engineers productivity. I have a bachelor and master's degree from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto and I'm currently pursuing my PhD studies at the Instituto Superior TΓ©cnico, University of Lisbon (supervised by Prof. Rui Abreu). I've also spent 6 months abroad at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands under the ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME between 2016 and 2017.

I love coding, research and open-source. I try to make all of my code, research and data fully available for the sake of reproducibility. #openscience

If you want to collaborate, contact me: sofia.o.reis [at] tecnico.ulisboa.pt


  • βœ… (16-04) PhD Proposal Defended: Understanding and Improving Security-oriented Static Analysis Techniques.
  • πŸ“Ž (01-04) New paper accepted Fixing Vulnerabilities Potentially Hinders Maintainability at the Empirical Software Engineering Journal (Core: Q1) - to appear.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Projects

I'm currently working on several research projects that aim to improve the vulnerability detection field. I will be releasing the tools and results as I finish/publish my research work. You can also find some of my Publications here.

  • SecBench: A Database of Existing Security Vulnerabilities Patches to Enable Evaluation of Techniques
  • Lithium Slicer: Program slicer based on the Mozilla Lithium Tool for Java (test oracle based).
  • Security Linter for Puppet: Set of security plugins for puppet-lint. (WIP)
  • SoSATs Collection: Living review and collection of Security-oriented Static Analysis Tools (WIP)

[⚠️ Help Wanted!] I'm improving a security linter for the Puppet community. Do you have experience in Puppet or similar tools (e.g., Ansible, Terraform, Chef) and appreciate security? Then, we would very much appreciate your colaboration. 😊 ➑️ https://puppet-study.herokuapp.com/


πŸ† Honors/Awards

  • πŸ’― Quantum Excellence in Qiskit Global Summer of School awarded by IBM Quantum. Mark: 100%/100% (a total of 9 labs completed)

  • πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Excellence in Teaching the Foundations of Programming Course awarded by @TΓ©cnico (awarded by the students).

  • πŸŽ– IBM Quantum Challenge Advanced Badge (196/1745). Finished last challenge (req. score: 1600/my score: 147/winner score: 45)

  • πŸ”¬ PhD Scholarship awarded by the Portuguese NSF, cf. SFRH/BD/143319/2019

πŸš€ Hobbies

  • πŸ›΅ Exploring Douro Valley while riding my vespa.

  • πŸ“Έ Photography (follow me on insta: @sofiaoreis)

  • πŸ€“ Reading books about self-development, psychology and society.

  • πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ Watercolor painting and digital illustrations.

  • πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Coding and learning new fields.

  • πŸ“£ Social media writer and designer for conferences.

  • πŸ₯Ύ Hiking with my friends/family.

  • 🌎 Travelling around the world.

  • 🎹 Learning how to make beats (now).